Thank You For Enrolling

Indo-Pacific Orientation Course (IPOC) 22-2
14 – 18 November 2022

Please carefully review the following course information to learn more about the IPOC course and what to expect.


IPOC is an executive education experience to prepare security practitioners like you to engage in cooperative security efforts that build capacity to advance a free and open Indo-Pacific. During this one-week, 40-hour course, we will examine strategic approaches to the Indo-Pacific by the United States, its partner nations – e.g. Australia, India, and Japan – and its competitors – e.g. China and Russia. Framed by a common understanding of the geopolitical landscape and security architecture of the Indo-Pacific, we will explore the four sub-regional dynamics of Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, and Oceania. You will together consider and weigh the many challenges and opportunities through the good governance lenses of defense, economic security, gender security, climate change-health/enviro security, and cyber security. And you will learn how a free and open Indo-Pacific is contingent on national levels of good governance in each of those sectors.

Course Timeline

All dates and times shown are Hawaii Standard Time (HST). Please adjust accordingly for your time zone.

  • Seminar Orientation and Technology Check:
    8 November, 1300 through MS Teams meeting (link to follow). You do not need an MS Teams account or MS Teams application installed to access the meeting.
  • Execution:
    14 November, 0730 – 1600 (In-Center) 0815-1630 (Virtual)
    15-17 November, 0815 – 1600
    18 November, 0815 – 1715

Course Format

This five-day, 40-hour course is a full-time commitment on your part. You will be expected to be available and engaged during that entire time and not participating in any work-related activities. We strongly recommend that virtual Fellows participate from a place other than their office.

Information about the course, along with links to resource materials and other information relevant to your participation in IPOC are contained on the Center’s on-line Learning Management System (LMS). In the next couple of weeks, you will receive an additional email with your account information and instructions on how to access the LMS. This five-day course will be a hybrid program, where lectures and seminars are delivered to some Fellows in the Center and to others online. You will be assigned to 1 of 12 seminars for the duration of the course:

  • Seminars 1 through 10 are composed entirely of Fellows in-person at the Center.
  • Seminars 11 and 12 are composed entirely of virtual Fellows.

All Fellows, even those who will be in the Center for the full course, will be expected to be capable of watching lectures or participating in seminars virtually. Fellows in Seminars 1 through 10 would only need to do this should they or one of their seminar mates be required to isolate/quarantine for COVID reasons during the course or should you want to attend an elective that is over-subscribed with in-Center participants.

Seminars 1 through 10: You will be provided a laptop in your seminar room but you can also use your own laptop and connect to the Center’s Wi-Fi network. No special software is required other than an internet browser.

Seminars 11 through 12:You will use your own personal equipment to access the web-based content and join Microsoft Teams events. No special software is required other than an internet connection and browser.

Attire for Everyone

No military / service uniforms. The standard dress for all participants during the entire course (in-person and virtual) is business smart or Aloha attire which consists of slacks, dress or skirt, Aloha (collared) shirt or blouse, and appropriate shoe-wear.