March 2, 2024, 11:24 pm

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Today’s Distinguished Visitors
GEN (Ret) JUNG, Seung Jo, President, Korea-US Alliance Foundation (KUSAF)
YU, Myung Hwan,KUSAF Board Director, (former MOFA)
LIM, Young-ran,KUSAF Board Member, TV Drama Writer
LEE, Joo Yeon,
KUSAF Board Member, CEO Pigeon Inc.
LEE, Kun Soo,
KUSAF Honorary Chairman, Chairman of Dong Ah Elecomm Corp.
PARK, Sun-hoo,
MG (Ret) LEE,
Seo Young, Korea Defense Veterans Association(KDVA), Korea Chapter President, former Defense Attaché to US
MG (Ret) SHIN,
Kyoung Soo, KUSAF Secretary General, (former Defense Attaché to US)
KIM, Don
/US, KUSAF Hawaii President Former President SONY Hawaii
CHAN, Annie
/US, KUSAF Hawaii, Honorary Chairperson, Founder of KCR Development Inc.
CHANG, Amanda
/US, KUSAF Hawaii, Vice President, Attorney, CCIPN Attorneys of Counsel
LEE, Gwang Suk,
KUSAF Hawaii, Board Member, KAFSP, Secretary General
KIM, Joo Yong,
KMPVA, Director General, Visiting Scholar, APCSS
CAPT Oh, Soonkun (Soon),
Defense Attaché, ROK Honolulu Consulate Genera

  • Time: 10 a.m.
  • Location: CCR
  • Host: Director


In Their Own Words: Fellows describe their DKI APCSS experience

Our Team

Our Team


South Korea’s Offensive Military Strategy and Its Dilemma

Dr. Sungmin Cho’s article, recently published by CSIS, sheds light on South Korea’s offensive military strategy amid shifting dynamics with North Korea. While North Korea’s recent stance has sparked debates, Cho highlights the significance of understanding South Korea’s approach. Defense Minister Shin Won-sik’s emphasis on immediate and forceful responses underscores South Korea’s defensive intent, though uncertainties remain regarding Pyongyang’s [...]

Vietnam’s future strategy

Dr. Alexander Vuving has a new article on “Vietnam headed to the future with a defective compass” published by the East Asia Forum. According to the article synopsis, last year, “Vietnam adopted a strategy that maintains an outlook of peace, cooperation, and development. It has formed comprehensive strategic partnerships [...]

Dr. Alexander Vuving on rapid changes in Vietnam

Dr. Alexander Vuving has contributed a chapter to the new book “Vietnam: Navigating a Rapidly Changing Economy, Society, and Political Order” by Börje Ljunggren and Dwight Perkins, eds. His chapter is “The Evolution of Vietnamese Foreign Policy in the Doi Moi Era.”According to the book’s abstract, this chapter traces the [...]

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