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Security Nexus Webinar | Episode 19: Pakistan’s Strategic Position in the Indo-Pacific

By |2024-06-12T08:25:35-10:00June 12th, 2024|Categories: Minnich, news, webinar|Tags: , |

Embark on a captivating journey into the heart of Pakistan’s strategic maneuvering within the dynamic Indo-Pacific arena. We’ll unravel the intricate dance of its alliances and the delicate balance it strikes between global powerhouses like the U.S. and China.

Maluhia Talks about Defense Industrial Base Resilience

By |2024-06-12T06:09:11-10:00June 12th, 2024|Categories: Workshop, news|Tags: , , , |

Looking for ways to build resilience was the focus of the recent Maluhia Talks 2024 hosted by the Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies. Held April 30 to May 2, 2024, in Honolulu, the event brought together more than 40 government security professionals and industry representatives. It was a follow-up event to the DKI APCSS Defense Industry Base workshop held in January. According to Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Indo-Pacific Security Affairs, Mr. Jedidiah Royal, “I appreciated the opportunity to again talk with allies and partners who are dealing with these same issues and discuss ways of moving [...]

Security Nexus Webinar | Episode 18: Strengthening Social Cohesion and Resilience in Election Information Ecosystems

By |2024-06-12T05:46:59-10:00June 3rd, 2024|Categories: Minnich, news, webinar, Media, Security Nexus Webinar|Tags: |

Will democracy thrive in a record year of voting? This is the largest election year in history as citizens from more than 50 countries head to the ballot boxes. Join us for an insightful webinar on fortifying election information ecosystems and fostering social cohesion and resilience. Our experts will explore innovative strategies and best practices to counter misinformation and enhance public trust in this critical election year.

Security Nexus Webinar | Episode 17: Outlaw Empires: The Rise of Motorcycle Gangs and the Global Security Threat

By |2024-06-12T06:52:49-10:00May 30th, 2024|Categories: Minnich, news, webinar, Media, Security Nexus Webinar|Tags: , |

Outlaw motorcycle gangs (OMGs) are rapidly expanding their criminal empires, posing an escalating threat to national and transnational security. Join us as we delve into these organizations’ origins and evolution, sophisticated criminal networks, and impact on communities worldwide.

Security Nexus Webinar | Episode 16: Ukraine War, Global Power Shifts, and Security Implications for the Indo-Pacific

By |2024-06-12T06:46:39-10:00May 22nd, 2024|Categories: Minnich, news, webinar, Media, Security Nexus Webinar|Tags: |

The war in Ukraine has not only altered the European security landscape but has also triggered significant shifts in global power dynamics. These changes are rippling across regions and affecting international relations far beyond Europe.

2024 Excellence in Federal Government Awards

By |2024-05-13T11:55:28-10:00May 10th, 2024|Categories: news, Awards|

The Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security honored four individuals and one team at the 2024 Honolulu Pacific Federal Executive Awards ceremony at the 68th Annual Excellence in Federal Government Awards Program held May 10, 2024, at Hickam Air Force Base. This year’s DKI APCSS awardees are: Federal Employee of the Year (Leader, Supervisor, Manager): Sila Pang – College of Security Studies (CSS), College Operations Federal Employee of the Year (Professional, Administrative, Technical): Paul Santos – Human Resources Federal Employee of the Year (Clerical and Assistant): Jennifer Hayslett – Travel Mentor of [...]

Inaugural Indo-Pacific Senior Enlisted Leaders SMEE Empowers Collaboration, Sets Stage for Stronger Regional Security 

By |2024-05-07T14:35:51-10:00May 7th, 2024|Categories: Courses, Workshop, news|Tags: , , |

“The knowledge and connections we built here strengthen our region against the complex security challenges we face together,” remarked a participant as the inaugural Indo-Pacific Senior Enlisted Leaders Subject Matter Expert Exchange (IPSEL SMEE) drew to a close. This groundbreaking event, proposed by former USINDOPACOM Commander Admiral John Aquilino and Fleet Master Chief David Isom, united 55 senior enlisted advisors and leaders from 21 Indo-Pacific nations in Honolulu, Hawaii, April 15-19, 2024. 

Security Nexus Webinar | Episode 15: The Philippines Builds Security, Faces Challenges

By |2024-05-22T15:32:33-10:00May 6th, 2024|Categories: Watson, Minnich, news, webinar, Media, Security Nexus Webinar|Tags: |

In a rapidly changing Indo-Pacific, understanding the Philippines’ strategic decisions is critical for policymakers, military leaders, and anyone invested in regional stability. The Philippines, a crucial player, faces a dynamic security landscape shaped by historical alliances and modern partnerships like the recent trilateral summit. As the nation navigates complex regional shifts, including China’s assertiveness, it leans on partners like Japan.

Security Nexus Webinar | Episode 14: The Great Game of Digital Dominance

By |2024-05-07T15:40:04-10:00May 6th, 2024|Categories: Minnich, news, hemmings, webinar, Media, Security Nexus Webinar|Tags: |

Technology is reshaping the global order. Nations no longer compete solely through military might but through technological dominance. From semiconductors to artificial intelligence, control of critical and emerging technologies (CET) translates into economic power, national security, and global influence. Join our webinar, “The Great Game of Digital Dominance,” featuring Professor John Hemmings and hosted by Professor James Minnich, for expert insights into the escalating tech rivalry and its profound implications for the future. Key Questions: How does the past shape the US-China tech conflict? • Where does China lead… and where does the US maintain an edge? Can China [...]

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