March 20, 2020


By: Javier Gonzalez

First case of COVID-19 detected in Chile was March 3rd with one person (a doctor) who went for vacation to South East Asia. Next day his wife was detected with COVID-19, they were at their honeymoon in that location of Asia (Thai, Vietnam). From that day until now, we have a total of 434 people with COVID-19. The authorities last Saturday upgraded from Phase 3 to Phase 4. National boundaries (air, maritime and land) was closed.

On March 18, President Piñera declared Exceptional State of Catastrophe, that means the Military Forces takes control of the country by Regional Chiefs of Staff (general and admirals) in each location of the country, with military forces on the street to protect boundaries, hospitals, supermarkets and basic elements like electricity centrals, water and gas. Also armed forces will provide their own issues and health elements, like hospitals, vehicles and health personnel (nurses and medicals) to contribute for the neutralizing of Covid-19.

The main population that has been contagious with COVID-19 are from Santiago, so today the authorities ordered quarantine of the Capital, in preference those areas with better economic situation. I hope that this pandemic will soon be stopped in the world and no more people will die because of this virus.

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Published: March 20, 2020



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