Erich Meier, Jr.

Police and Gendarmerie Delegate in the Philippines, International Committee of the Red Cross of the Philippines

CSC 22-1

Law Enforcement and Reducing Humanitarian Risks in the Early Stages of Detention

Project timeline: 2/2/2022 – 12/7/2022

Mr. Erich Meier, Jr., organized the 2nd Asia Pacific Police Colloquium with a central theme around law enforcement’s responsibilities during the early stages of detention. Hosted by the Philippines, this event gathered over 40 senior police officers across several countries in the Indo-Pacific. Mr. Meier developed a booklet in preparation for this event, covering previous iterations of the Regional Police Colloquium to be referenced for future activities. This event utilized a multidisciplinary exercise to discuss current practices for effective interviewing, information gathering, custodial facility management, and detention activities. Reflecting on his experience, Mr. Meier returned to DKI APCSS as a guest speaker for the CSC 23-1 cohort. Read more about this project here.