DKI APCSS welcomes official visits as an important and valuable learning opportunity. In keeping with our ‘shared learning’ model, we offer an opportunity for visitors to learn about our mission, and we appreciate the opportunity to learn from our visitors about their organizations and their insights on Indo-Pacific security. Due to the high demand and our Center’s full schedule of courses, workshops, and dialogues, we ask that you please complete the Visit Request Form so we may assess availability and ensure your official visit, if confirmed, is productive and meets mutual learning objectives.

DKI APCSS is a U.S. Department of Defense activity, and international visitors should be aware of the Department’s Foreign Visitor Request process, which is necessary to visit any Department activity.

When visiting the DKI APCSS, the dress code is “Aloha crisp” or Business Casual. This includes dress pants, a collared shirt, and suitable shoes for men. Women should wear professional, casual work attire. The dress code prohibits wearing blue jeans, shorts, T-shirts, provocative clothing, and slippers. Military personnel have the option to wear their uniform. Refer to the picture gallery for examples of what to wear.