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Inside nexus page test

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Introduction Like all natural resources on Earth, fish are finite. While aquaculture now supplies about half of the fish caught annually, and while estimates of amounts being fished vary widely, data suggest that, globally, over one-third of fish stocks are harvested beyond biologically sustainable limits. The problem of overfishing is rapidly getting worse as the mass of captured fish increased four-fold over the past six decades, particularly in tropical oceans. Trends indicate a non-sustainable trajectory for fish populations, worldwide, with increases in per capita fish consumption outstripping human population growth. In 2018 (the most recent year for which data are [...]

Popular MDA Initiatives and Implications for ASEAN

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By Hoang Do, Research Official, East Sea Institute[1], Vietnam (CSC 22-1 DKI APCSS alumni) Summary: ASEAN countries have been offered to join multiple Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) programs, integrating new technologies to better monitor the situation on the ground by their partners. This tendency might bring about opportunities for ASEAN to increase its capacity to deal with maritime crimes and the so-called "gray zone" challenges and meet its developmental needs. On the other hand, it offers several concerns regarding national security in cyber and sovereignty space, big powers competition, and technical incompatibility. A more concerted and categorized MDA effort, equipped [...]

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