This video features a visit by a team from the Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies to Mongolia in fall 2023. The group, made up of leaders, faculty, and staff from the center, aimed to start a new conversation on security issues with the Mongolian Institute for Strategic Studies (ISS). Their goal was to plan future collaborations. This effort, sparked by a project from Mendee Jargalsaikhan, an alumnus of the center, came to life in under a year.

Mendee Jargalsaikhan, now director of ISS and an alumnus of CSC 23-1, aimed to establish a platform for Mongolian and U.S. scholars to discuss mutual security interests and bring APCSS’s educational methods to Mongolia.

The dialogues at the ISS headquarters in Ulaanbaatar covered strategic regional concerns, particularly regarding Russia and China. U.S. Coast Guard Cmdr. Yvonne Yang and Dr. Lukas Filler, representing DKI APCSS, shared their perspectives on Mongolia’s holistic approach to sovereignty and diplomacy.

The dialogues updated both sides on each other’s activities and provided insights into Mongolia’s security landscape. They marked a significant step in enhancing mutual understanding and cooperation.

At a reunion hosted by the U.S. Embassy’s Deputy Chief of Mission, the Mongolia DKI APCSS Alumni Association displayed its creativity and determination. Col. (Ret) Dorjjugder Munkh-Ochir, president of the association, highlighted its contributions to Mongolia’s national security, including drafting key strategic documents.

With nearly 300 members, the association is among the most active, recognized as Alumni Association of the Year in 2015. This video celebrates the ongoing partnership and dialogue shaping the future of regional security in the Asia-Pacific.