Regional Security Studies Volunteer Programs

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Internship Programs Visiting Scholar Visiting practitioner How to apply FAQ Mission: Our mission is to nurture the future leaders of public service through hands-on experience, professional skill development, networking opportunities, and direct engagement with government authorities Vision: We envision a future where our interns are inspired and empowered with purpose and civic duty through programs that highlight the importance of public service. We firmly believe that our interns can play a pivotal role in improving government agencies, enhancing policies, and modernizing systems. Together, we contribute to an adaptable and forward-thinking government and a better future for [...]


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The workshop program is tightly focused and anticipates the most challenging regional and transnational security issues and cooperation tasks ahead. These in-person or virtual events serve as a forum for key regional interagency security policy drafters and decision-makers to produce actionable outputs and executable outcomes. This results in unique value-added opportunities for partnering organizations and participants. In-Region A collaborative event conducted in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region that addresses cutting-edge current and/or future security and security-cooperation challenges. Designed to produce actionable outputs and executable outcomes, providing unique value to partnering organizations and participants. Topics target urgent and important security issues [...]

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