Our Workshop Program oversees the planning, execution, logistics, recruiting and invitations to participants. The REO staff works as a team, hand in hand, with the College of Security Studies (CSS) team to form the group that executes either in the region or in Honolulu. They work closely with the embassies as well. At any given time they are working 3-6 workshops projected over the next 6-9 months. Many of the REO staff are travelling in the region setting up these workshops. Our Visitor Program, in essence is our Protocol, which planning and organizing the visits that we host each year. In 2018, over 290 visits and around 1,940 individuals came through the Center. The Visitor Program might encompass a simple office visit, a tour, a roundtable discussion or in some cases a partnership event that may appear as a small workshop, but one that we join another organization at their request and the Center is the venue. Challenges are keeping all the competing programs on track with our op-tempo. Each of our programs is dependent on getting the right partners and the right people in attendance. Details matter and REOD works closely with CSS to ensure each of the details are addressed. Quality is a trademark of the Center’s and this department is on the front line along with Admissions to our external audiences. Our programs work though due to all of the departments working together which produce quality workmanship.