March 31, 2020


BG (R) Suresh Sharma (EC 06-3)

At this moment all citizen of world are in panic, as continue to great chaos arise in the hard hit places of earth due to the Covid- 19. It is an unprecedented natural disaster. Nepal lies between two biggest populations of the world is also definitely in a fear that it may not spare us at one time later. Nepal is thankful that it is controlled in Wuhan but much concerned for the unchecked outbreak in new countries, new cases in India and more crises in Italy, Spain US and others. The nights and days of world citizen are becoming horrific due to the daily morning news of surge as a catastrophe that will have a greater impact on everyone’s economy, social well being and peace. The Covid 19 will have great impact on the national security as it is a diverse field which is attached to human security, in particular.

Every morning we hear news about the surge and the anxiety looms large in public’s mind with this rapid expand of the menace and the increased victims. We pray to God that things be improved and settle in few days more or about few weeks time. It should not go beyond that. No one is sure when this unprecedented pandemic would have a halt. No one knows when the vaccine would be invented despite extraordinary efforts displayed by the scientific experts.

I remember the time in 2005 when we were attending the Executive Course there in the DKI APCSS center, ( APCSS , that time )in Hawaii, Honolulu, and the importance given by Center and faculty about the pandemic of H1N1 . We really appreciate the way the capsule of possible pandemic was anticipated that time, with a full participation of multi nationals by bringing medical experts in front of them for their deliberate Day long presentations and the strategy outlined. This demonstrates how the Center, the US PACOM and their senior leaders were concerned for the possible outbreak, world safety, peace and stability. Today, the pandemic Coronavirus cases has rocketed to more than 300,000 , with deaths rising to nearly 13,000 as leaders around the world urged their citizens to stay home to slow the spread of the pandemic and I recall the institution who drew a strategic guideline to impart knowledge to the future senior leaders .

All Government has taken steps as per the guidelines given by World Health Organization. I think Center also can initiate interactive page to fight this global concern through medical experts , planners , and executives to formulate strategy to fight against the menace , for a safety measure advocacy, make the people prepare for its mitigation in future outbreaks .

Published: March 31, 2020



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