HONOLULU — Today, 21 military officers and civilian leaders graduated from the Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies “Junior Executive Course” in Honolulu. The participants attending this four-week course were from six different countries and territories throughout the Asia-Pacific region.The Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies is a Department of Defense regional study, conference and research center. The Center’s mission is to provide a forum where current and future military and civilian leaders from Asia-Pacific nations gather to enhance security cooperation through executive education, professional exchange, and policy-relevant research.

Participating in the Junior Executive Course were representatives from American Samoa, Australia , Guam, Philippines, Thailand and the United States .

The Junior Executive Course is designed to provide mid-level Asia-Pacific specialists with graduate level instruction on trends and current issues shaping the Asia-Pacific security environment.

To date, the Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies has had more than 2,300 Fellows, from around the world, attend the courses at the Center. The Center has also hosted, or co-hosted, 102 conferences with nearly 6,500 participants from 66 countries.