Publications, Research, and Analysis

  • Asia-Pacific Journal of Information Technology and Multimedia
    Peer reviewed open access journal published biannually by the University of Kebangsaan Malaysia Press and dedicated to research and practical information in computer science, information technology, and multimedia.
  • Chinese Journal of Network and Information Security  网络与信息安全学报
    An open access journal that brings together innovative ideas on security, disseminates academic research, enhances scientific research and development capabilities, and serves the national information security as a publication of the China Cyberspace Security Association and the China Computer Federation.
  • Cyber Defense Review
    U.S. Army open access journal on cyber operations with focus on the areas of strategy, operations, tactics, history, ethics, law and policy in the cyber domain.
  • Cybersecurity | Brookings Institute
    Reports, articles, and analysis of cybersecurity topics from the Brookings Institute.
  • Cybersecurity | MITRE
    Reports, technical papers, and analysis from the MITRE Corporation on cybersecurity and computer technologies.
  • Cybersecurity | RAND Corporation
    Reports, studies, and analysis from the RAND Corporation on cyber and data sciences, cyber viruses, as well as cyber warfare.
  • Cybersecurity | SpringerOpen
    An open access journal from Springer with a focus on reporting on cyberspace security issues, the latest research results, and real-world deployment of security technologies.
  • Cybersecurity Framework | National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST)
    U.S. Commerce Department/NIST’s framework of tools and resources available to assist organizations manage their cyber risks. Many of the publications and resources are available in languages relevant to the Indo-Pacific region.
  • Cyber Policy Portal (United Nations)
    An interactive map of the global cyber policy landscape produced by the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research. It provides profiles of the cyber policies of all 193 UN Member States, in addition to various intergovernmental organizations and multilateral frameworks.
  • Frontiers in Blockchain
    An open access journal covering theory and applications of blockchain and blockchain-related technologies, including theoretical, computational, and experimental research and development, applications, case studies and position papers.
  • Journal of Cybersecurity | Oxford Academic
    An open access journal from Oxford University publishes original research and scholarly articles that take an interdisciplinary approach to the cyber domain.
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
    An array of cybersecurity research and reports from NIST – many of which have been translated into languages relevant to the Indo-Pacific region.

Cyber Tactics, Incidents, and Threat Actors

International and Indo-Pacific Cyber Centers and Portals