DKI APCSS Alumni Bring Regional Perspective to Maritime Security Challenges

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By Lt. Col. Scott McDonald, USMC The end of the relative stability of the bi-polar Cold War has given way to a complex and challenging security environment. Meanwhile, the growth of multinational supply chains and supranational information flows have emphasized the importance of the sea in a manner not appreciated since the Nineteenth Century. These factors have highlighted the need for cooperative solutions to the security challenges of what Commander of the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN), Vice-Admiral Ron Lloyd calls the “Maritime Century.” With this context, security practitioners from Canada and across the Indo-Pacific gathered in Victoria, British Columbia from [...]

Implementing a Free and Open Indo-Pacific Strategy

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Lt. Col. Scott D. McDonald has a new opinion piece entitled “Wanted: A Strategy for the Indo-Pacific Region,” published by The National Interest. The article covers the Free and Open Indo-Pacific Strategy (FOIP) and offers the concept of Communities of Common Interests as a means for implementing it. In the article he states that: “Secretary Mattis used his speech at the Shangri-la Dialogue to highlight the need for Indo-Pacific countries to cooperate in shaping the region’s future and outlined four themes of the FOIP strategy: 1) expanding attention on the maritime space; 2) improving interoperability with partners; 3) strengthening rule of [...]

New OpEd on US-China Relations published

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“Forthcoming Asia Strategy Should Avoid Second-handed Pitfalls” is a new OpEd published by DKI APCSS military professor and U.S. Marine Corp Lt. Col. Scott D. McDonald by The National Interest. In this OpEd, McDonald states that “whether discussing military tactics and strategy, economic policy, or diplomacy, the narrative in the United States is one of reaction and countering a powerful and leading PRC. By focusing on opposing the PRC, the United States has inadvertently become a second-handed actor, driven not by its own values and interests, but by those to which it is reacting.” He further states that “the United States [...]

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