Dr. Jeffrey Hornung photo

Dr. Jeffrey Hornung

The Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies bid farewell June 19 to Dr. Jeffrey Hornung who served as an associate professor with the Center the last five years. The professor has taken a research fellow position at the Sasakawa Peace Foundation USA in Washington, D.C.

As a member of the APCSS faculty, Hornung helped enhance the leadership and problem solving skills of security practitioners throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Through six on-site courses and numerous workshops held in various nations, APCSS professors build greater understanding of the socio-economic, political, defense, health and environmental issues impacting the region’s security structure. They also promote multilateral cooperation in addressing issues that are often transnational in scope.

Hornung arrived at the Center in September 2010, bringing with him an expertise in East Asian security issues, particularly those involving Japan and its alliance with the United States. As a faculty member, he led plenary lecture sessions, conducted elective courses, and served as a seminar facilitator. He also served as course manager for several iterations of the Asia-Pacific Orientation Course.

A prolific writer during his tenure, Hornung penned at least 30 articles published by APCSS and media such as CNN Global Public Square; The Diplomat (an international current affairs magazine); and the Japanese version of Newsweek. Among his article titles are “U.S-Japan: An Alliance Transformed” and “Making the Case for a More Robust Regional Security Architecture in the Asia-Pacific.”

Prior to his APCSS tour, Hornung served as a post-doctoral researcher at Ohio State University’s East Asian Studies Center and as a research assistant at George Washington University. He earned his doctorate in political science at GWU.