This Webinar features esteemed guest Professor Michael Burgoyne alongside host Professor James Minnich. Engage in enlightening discussions that navigate Taiwan’s post-election trajectory, unravel geopolitical tensions, and explore defense strategies. Gain valuable insights into Taiwan’s evolving landscape post-election, encompassing economic resilience, diplomatic initiatives, and security measures. Don’t miss this opportunity to grasp pivotal strategic decisions shaping Taiwan’s future. It’s an unmissable chance to immerse yourself in this enriching discourse.

Note: The airing of this episode was moved and broadcast live on Zoom on March 25, 2024.

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Embark on an illuminating journey into the heart of China’s Strategic Culture: Confucianism or Realpolitik? Join us as we unravel the intricate tapestry of how the ancient wisdom of Confucianism continues to weave its threads into China’s contemporary geopolitical strategies. Our esteemed guest, Dr. Lukas Filler, will expertly dissect the fascinating interplay between tradition and ambition, shedding light on how Confucian values shape China’s actions on the global stage – from diplomatic maneuvers and conflict resolution to its perspectives on hierarchy, collective well-being, and cultural identity.

Aug 5, 2024 03:00 PM in Hawaii
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Join us for an in-depth discussion with the Stimson Center’s Rachel Minyoung Lee as we delve into the complex and evolving relationship between North Korea and Russia. We will explore the political and economic impact on North Korea’s foreign policy and domestic landscape, and the potential consequences for ordinary North Koreans. We’ll examine the motivations driving this alliance, assess the potential for resource exchange and economic cooperation, and consider the ongoing impact of sanctions. While acknowledging the significance of military considerations, we’ll emphasize the intricate link between foreign and economic policy in North Korea, providing insights into potential long-term economic outcomes under various scenarios of its deepening relationship with Russia.

Aug 30, 2024 03:00 PM in Hawaii
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