Ensures Center policy complies with OSD, USINDOPACOM, and DSCA guidance, Assessment Program Management manages assessments and analytics/impacts and prepare, submit external reporting of outcomes and impacts and Conduct Business Process Reviews. Program Planning manages annual program planning efforts; facilitate external review and approval. Develop and provide Center program input into the USINDOPACOM Theater Campaign Plan and related documents. Strategic Planning supports Director in maintaining long-term strategic planning process. Lead planning and determine impact of strategic engagements by senior leadership. Legislative Affairs coordinates all legislative affairs actions, to include visits and statutory revisions.

Our Public Affairs team is responsible for Media support, News Releases, Media Roundtables, Response to Query/Faculty Interviews, PA Plans/Guidance, College Support, Serves as adjunct, Media Training Workshop, Media Brown Bags, Lectures, Exercise support, Outreach Workshops, Publications – Currents Magazine, Monthly Activities Report, Brochures, Fact Sheets, etc., Photography, Lobby Display, Visitors, Testimonials, Websites/Portals, Public Website, Social Media sites, Community Relations and Coordination with other DoD & Embassy PAOs/Agencies.