This department provides administrative support in handling the following types of personnel on a consistent basis: military (officer and enlisted from Navy/USMC/Army/Air Force); civilian personnel (title 5 and title 10); contractors; volunteer interns; Military War college Fellows (6-months or one year assignments at DKI APCSS) and visiting academics. The Center is comprised of DOD personnel, and is managed by the Navy via support agreement that is funded by us each year. We follow Navy personnel policies, but do so in close liaison with Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) and Washington Headquarters Services (WHS). Largest challenges currently are the Timely staffing of our billets and the new evaluation system DOD Performance Management Appraisal Program (DPMAP)

iii. Recurring challenges of getting the right people to Hawaii due to high cost of living
iv. Military billet reductions with no offsets
v. Age of workforce and possible number of retirements over the next five years