Dr. Christopher Snedden was recently in India where he was interviewed by several media outlets and wrote an editorial on the Kashmir region.

In the interview with the Hindu Business Line, Snedden discusses the Kashmir region and the uniqueness of its situation. According to Snedden, “the bilateral dispute over whether India or Pakistan should possess J&K will continue for some time. India and Pakistan have not yet been able — or perhaps willing — to resolve it. There is little or no political will on either side to do so; neither has a perception that might lead to a meaningful compromise. Furthermore, both are able to survive without resolving the Kashmir dispute.”

The full interview can be read online at: http://www.thehindubusinessline.com/blink/read/interview-dr-christopher-snedden-author-of-two-books-on-kashmir/article9668802.ece

In his editorial for Great Kashmir, “Amanullah Khan: A strong advocate for J&K independence,” Snedden writes about Amanullah Khan’s efforts over the years. “For me, Amanullah Khan’s pursuit of independence for J&K [Jammu and Kashmir] is most interesting. It is not always clear what people mean by azadi (independence) for J&K. The JKLF’s [Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front] stance was very clear: all of the former princely state as it existed on 14 August 1947 should become a separate and independent political entity.”

Read the full editorial online at: http://www.greaterkashmir.com/news/opinion/amanullah-khan-a-strong-advocate-for-j-k-independence/247841.html


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