The Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies (DKI APCSS), the Korea Institute for Maritime Strategy (KIMS), and the Japan Institute for International Affairs (JIIA), hosted a trilateral Security Nexus webinar on China’s Maritime Strategy on October 31, 2023.

During this episode, DKI APCSS professor Dr. Lukas Filler delved into an in-depth analysis of China’s evolving maritime strategy. He provided valuable insights into the historical backdrop, objectives, and the various methods China employs to advance its interests in the maritime domain. Dr. Duk-ki Kim then examined the far-reaching consequences of China’s maritime expansion in the Indo-Pacific region. His discussion covered the challenges and risks stemming from China’s assertive actions, including island-building, territorial disputes, and their impact on freedom of navigation. Lastly, Professor Tetsuo Kotani shed light on the collaborative efforts between the United States and Japan in response to China’s maritime strategy. This encompassed joint military exercises, diplomatic initiatives, and multilateral engagement with regional partners, demonstrating their commitment to maintaining stability and security in the maritime arena.

Dr. James Minnich, Colonel USA (Ret) and a DKI APCSS professor, welcomed three distinguished experts: Dr. Lukas Filler, Commander, USN (Ret) and DKI APCSS professor; Dr. Duk-ki Kim, Rear Admiral, ROKN (Ret), Korea Association of Military Studies vice-chairman, and KIMS researcher; and Professor Tetsuo Kotani, Meikai University professor and JIIA senior fellow. In this episode, these experts provided profound insights into China’s evolving maritime strategy, its implications, and the collaborative responses from the United States, South Korea, and Japan.

Views shared by DKI APCSS faculty are the authors alone and do not necessarily reflect the official position of the DKI APCSS or the United States Government.

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