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Bridging Knowledge and Practice in Global Security. This captivating webinar series features insightful discussions with distinguished individuals on comprehensive security issues affecting the Indo-Pacific region and beyond. This series delves into the complexities of global security, exploring various facets that shape the current geopolitical landscape. Our host, Dr. James M. Minnich, is a retired U.S. Army Colonel and a distinguished professor at DKI APCSS. With an impressive 37 years of military experience, his expertise is primarily in U.S. security policy in the Asia-Pacific region. Dr. Minnich spent 15 years in Korea, notably serving as the 37th Secretary of the [...]

Welcome to Security Nexus

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Security Nexus is a free, open access, international, peer-reviewed, online publication for DKI APCSS faculty and alumni. It features original research, reviews, policy papers, and management articles in the broad area of security cooperation with a special focus on security-sector development, crises, disasters, counter-terrorism, maritime, and other transnational security challenges. Security professionals, military, government workers, diplomats, academics, researchers and students are encouraged to consider aspects of their work and projects for publication. The core business of Security Nexus is to: Serve as a security cooperation journal for all DKI APCSS Alumni (Faculty and Fellows) Create a legitimate vehicle for alumni [...]


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Volume 24 - 2023 Volume 23 - 2022 Volume 22 - 2021 Volume 21 - 2020 Volume 20 - 2019 Volume 19 - 2018 Volume 18 - 2017 Volume 17 - 2016 Volume 16 - 2015 Volume 15 - 2014 Volume 14 - 2013 Volume 13 - 2012 Volume 12 - 2011 Volume 11 - 2010 Volume 10 - 2009 Volume 9 - 2008 Volume 8 - 2007 Volume 7 - 2006 Volume 6 - 2005 Volume 5 - 2004 [...]

Author Instructions

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Article Types Reports: ≤1500 word short articles on events, exercises, trips, conferences, projects, etc. Perspectives: ≤3000 word editorials, commentaries, opinions, policy papers Research: ≤6000 word systematic PRISMA reviews, original research, analytical papers Title page: The title page should give the title of the article, and the names, addresses, qualifications and positions of all authors plus email address for the corresponding author. Articles must demonstrate clear relevance to security practitioners in the Indo-Pacific region. Authorship: Authorship credit should be based only on substantial contribution by each author. Abstract: An abstract is only required for Article Types 2 and 3 (see above) [...]

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