Rise of Asia cover photo“The Rise of Asia: A Maritime Retrospective” by Associate Professor Kerry Lynn Nankivell was recently featured the Asia-Pacific Defense Forum.

In the article, Nankivell discusses the maritime reawakening in East Asia and how it has evolved over the last four decades.

According to Nankivell, “This is a story of historic successes, ones that have led to a broad, deep and sustained increase in human economic development on both sides of the Pacific. The economic rise of Asia, based on export-led development and directed investment in commercial sea power, has been a net positive regional stability. True, managing a stronger, more active maritime Asia has already presented new challenges, but that fact often overshadows the historical antecedents of today’s maritime Asia.”

In the article, she also covers new policy challenges for the region as illustrated by the current territorial disputes in the East and Yellow seas.

According to Nankivell the present condition of maritime Asia is not a stable end-state, but only a promising point along an overall upward trajectory.

Read the full article online at: http://apdf-magazine.com/the-rise-of-asia/


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