Ms. Hawwa Abdul Raheem

Expert Lecturer, Ministry of Defense and National Security

Maldives Flag

ASC 17-2

A curriculum to address the role of women in countering extremism in the Maldives

Project timeline: 10/25/2017- 2/14/2023

Ms. Hawwa Abdul Raheem is an expert lecturer at the College of Defense and Security Studies. Recognizing the significance of violent extremism in the Maldives, she developed a curriculum on the role of women in countering extremism. She sought to design and conduct awareness programs that would ensure household women knew of the extremists’ threats in the Maldives. Her project equipped women with the media literacy necessary to differentiate between harmful sites and informational sites. She has since conducted several successful awareness programs with the assistance of the Maldives National Counter-Terrorism Center (NCTC).