India Leading International HADR Cooperation in South Asia

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“India Leading International HADR Cooperation in South Asia,” is the title of a paper by Dr. Deon Canyon for Security Nexus. This article emphasizes the need for India to continue developing more robust internal processes, improve inter-agency and inter-ministry cooperation, and engage more holistically with stakeholders, including civil society, as a provider in humanitarian assistance and disaster relief. Summary Fueled by stable economic growth, India is stepping up as a provider of international humanitarian assistance and disaster relief in South Asia and beyond. This includes supporting multilateral endeavors, resourcing and innovating sub-regional efforts, and continuing to expand bilateral engagements. As [...]

New OpEd on South Asia and Terrorism

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In his latest OpEd, Prof. Shyam Tekwani writes that regional leaders have made a show of standing together on terrorism, but individually they use anti-terror laws to suppress dissent and minorities. The OpEd for the South China Morning Post entitled “In war on terror and Isis, South Asia is fighting itself” discusses ‘how unleashing violence on sections of their own populations these countries have only made it easier for groups like Islamic State to take hold.’ Read the full article The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily represent the views of [...]

DKI APCSS kicks off South Asia Dialogues podcast

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The Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies is hosting a series of podcasts on South Asia.   The first podcast is titled "South Asia Dialogues: U.S. Pakistan Relations."  In this video, Dr. Saira Yamin talks to Air Chief Marshal (Retd) Kaleem Saadat, former Chief of Air Staff of Pakistan Air Force, and current President of the  Centre for Aerospace and Security Studies in Islamabad. Air Chief Marshal Saadat is a distinguished DKI APCSS alumnus.

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