APCSS Professor Sato publishes two new books

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By Tamara Patton Two of Dr. Yoichiro Sato’s long anticipated publications were recently released this month.  He has been working on the two books for many years, and in both efforts, he played the fundamental roles of editor and research project coordinator.  […]

New APCSS Faculty Publication…

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APCSS Professor Yoichiro Sato recently published a new paper called "Southeast Asian Receptiveness to Japanese Maritime Security Cooperation." The paper provides an overview of Japan's history of cooperation in navigational safety in the Malacca Straits; its effectiveness; the reactions of other countries to Japan's efforts; and implications for U.S. policy. "Japan's economy heavily depends on safe passage of ships through the Malacca Strait," said Sato.  "Therefore Japan has long cooperated with Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia in the area of navigation safety and seabed mapping through joint research, sharing of equipment, and training." According to Dr. Sato, "Japan's primary focus on the [...]

New APCSS Publication on Japan’s Comprehensive Counterterrorism Assistance to Southeast Asia

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HONOLULU -- Dr. David Fouse, APCSS assistant professor, and Dr. Yoichiro Sato, APCSS associate professor, have published a new paper entitled "Enhancing Basic Governance: Japan's Comprehensive Counterterrorism Assistance to Southeast Asia." According to the paper, "Japan's support for counterterrorism in Southeast Asia (SEA) partly reflects its commitment to the U.S.-Japan alliance, but is also part of a wider strategy for enhancing its political and security role in the region." The paper also reviews Japan's focus to develop a comprehensive set of initiatives aimed at enhancing SEA countries' basic governance capabilities in areas such as law enforcement, export control, money laundering, anti-piracy, [...]

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