Looking for ways to build resilience was the focus of the recent Maluhia Talks 2024 hosted by the Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies.

Held April 30 to May 2, 2024, in Honolulu, the event brought together more than 40 government security professionals and industry representatives. It was a follow-up event to the DKI APCSS Defense Industry Base workshop held in January.

According to Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Indo-Pacific Security Affairs, Mr. Jedidiah Royal, “I appreciated the opportunity to again talk with allies and partners who are dealing with these same issues and discuss ways of moving forward together. These discussions and closer ties are consistent with the U.S. Indo-Pacific Strategy, but they are also compatible with most of our allies’ and partners’ regional strategies as well. We all want a stable region, and we will work to get there together.”

Workshop outcomes included exchanging perspectives on the mission and functions of all stakeholders involved and engaging with industry associations to foster a collaborative environment that enhances mutual understanding and sets the stage for effective future cooperation.

In his closing remarks, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Industrial Base Policy Dr. Vic Ramdass shared his thoughts about the next steps that the group should consider after the workshop’s conclusion.  He referred to Kotter’s 8-step approach to change management.   “To enact change,” he said,” we need to have a vision, and I feel we have that now. Our next steps are to build consensus and remove obstacles so that we can anchor and institutionalize that change.”

DKI APCSS Director Pete Gumataotao closed out the event by not wishing the group ‘Aloha’… but rather ‘A Hui Hou.’

“While Aloha can mean hello and goodbye.. ‘a Hui Hou’ means ‘until we meet again.’ With these two workshops, we have begun a remarkable journey of building resilience for the Defense Industrial Base. My hope is that these conversations will continue, and we’ll find ways to collaborate and cooperate more in the future.” said Gumataotao.

Launched in 2018, the Maluhia Talks is part of a series focused on refining the U.S. government’s strategic approach to the Indo-Pacific. While the focus of these workshops has evolved based on current events and shifting priorities, a consistent theme has been the emphasis on open and honest dialogue. This approach facilitates a deeper mutual understanding and enhances collaboration in addressing the challenges we face together.