HONOLULU – In August, APCSS hosted the Maritime Security and Technology Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific conference.

The objective for this conference was to discuss challenges and opportunities in technology cooperation in Asia-Pacific maritime security. Additional objectives include a discussion of the lessons learned and best practices in improving the maritime technology environment in the region; an assessment of the possibilities for system- and region-wide approaches toward establishing Maritime Domain Awareness and interoperability of platforms; and a discussion of existing and future models and approaches for maritime security technology cooperation.

“The conference is an initial effort towards creating a common frame of reference in addressing Asia-Pacific maritime issues,” said Dr. Virginia Bacay Watson. “At the core of the conference is the notion that technology cooperation in maritime security means the development of alliances—regional alliances in the realm of scientific and technical knowledge that will serve to strengthen existing partnerships and instrumental in creating new ones.”

According to one participant: “APCSS serves in a critical role as a forum for frank and open discussion among all the many nations sharing serious challenges in maritime security. These are vital issues for world economic and political stability.”

“Many shared issues exist,” said another conference participant. “There is strength in partnered efforts, [and] further work is needed.”