Resource Management


This department includes our Facilities division, which manages our campus infrastructure and lodging for the resident Fellows. Travel division manages all facets of travel for our staff, faculty, and program participants. They also provide oversight of security for our travelers and passport/visa support. Procurement and Supply division provides and maintains office supplies for the Center. Their primary focus is overseeing the many contracts that are outsourced to the U.S. Air Force on island. Budgeting and Accounting division is in the midst of much transition in this area due to the requirement for DOD to be audit ready. They are in the midst of changing accounting systems at DOD direction for the second time in four years. Our core operations and maintenance budget has been steady for the past couple of years. We also receive funding from multiple sources each year, which go directly to execute some of our programs. The total level of funding varies each year to some degree but overall is relatively stable. Currently, there are no large infrastructure projects on the horizon (the last was Maluhia Hall constructed in 2012), but the maintenance of the facilities is an ongoing effort with smaller projects and improvements.

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