APCSS professors continue to have articles appearing in professional journals.  While these articles are their own personal opinions and not the opinions of APCSS or the U.S. government, we do like to tell you about them!

Dr. Jeffrey Hornung was recently published in The Diplomat.  His article “Japan’s Future in the Balance” is a timely piece based on the upcoming Asia Pacific Economic Consortium (APEC) meetings here in Hawaii.

In the article Hornung discusses how Japan’s Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda is “facing his toughest challenge – and it has nothing to do with recovery from the March disasters…Noda faces a dilemma of choosing a policy that prioritizes Japan’s broader economic interests or domestic political dynamics.”  Read more…

The October FORCE Magazine (India) features an article by Dr. Mohan Malik entitled “Chinese Chill: China-India Face-off in the South China Sea: Concert or Conflict?”  

Malik discusses how “despite burgeoning economic links, China and India remain two fierce competitors that harbour strong suspicions about one another. Both want to focus on economic development and avoid overt rivalry or conflict. Still, the volatile agents of nationalism and history, ambition, strength, and size produce a mysterious chemistry.”

He further states that “the geopolitical chess game is intensifying as Chinese and Indian navies show off their flags in the Indian and Pacific oceans with greater frequency.”   Read more…



The views expressed in these articles are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies, U.S. Pacific Command, the U.S. Department of Defense, or the U.S. government.