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By: Cdr Rajinda Daniel (CMSC 19-1)  As at today, there are 53 confirmed COVID-19 cases with 243 suspected. The first case was a Chinese tourist in January. Once she recovered, there were no cases until 11 Mar when it increased to 53 in just 9 days as many Sri Lankans returned from working in Italy. Mandatory quarantine was instituted for people arriving from abroad, first from EU countries and then from all countries and all arrivals were stopped on 19 Mar. Three days public holiday were declared from 17 Mar and temporary lockdown of areas with many recent travelers from Italy. SLG declared work [...]


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By: Oratile Adumeleng (CSRT 19-1) The economy is reliant mostly on diamonds and tourism, but at the moment, the tourism industry is halted till further notice. Tourists have cancelled bookings and safari and wilderness businesses are winding down with staff is being retrenched due to low returns. The largest consumers of Botswana rough diamonds are US, India and China and these countries have been seriously hit by corona virus. The profits made by the diamond industry are now directed to fighting corona virus and other planned developments are being halted until the situation is under control. Currently, some of our borders are [...]

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