With the new fiscal year the Asia-Pacific Orientation Course, also known as APOC, will be changing its name to the “Indo-Pacific Orientation Course,” or “IPOC.“

Why this change?

In May 2018, then Secretary of Defense Mattis announced the renaming of the U.S. Pacific Command to the U.S. Indo-Pacific command ‘in recognition of the increasing connectivity between the Indian and Pacific oceans.”

According to DKI APCSS’ Carleton Cramer, Dean of the College of Security Studies “the name change of the APOC to IPOC reflects DKI APCSS’s adaptation to changing circumstances in the Indo-Pacific region.“

The Indo-Pacific Orientation course is a one-week course that covers trends and current issues shaping the regional security environment. The course focuses on U.S. policy and provides an introduction to regional cultures, politics, protocols, and challenges. The curriculum broadly examines Security Foundations; Regional Security Perspectives; Country Specific Issues; Transnational Issues; Governance, and Development and Security Cooperation Issues. This rigorous program of lectures and interactive sessions better equips graduating course Fellows with policy perspectives and tools important for duties at U.S. Indo-Pacific Command, service/functional components, and other U.S. Government Agencies.

Since 2007, DKI APCSS has conducted the course 37 times and with 4,080 Fellows from 22 locations throughout the Indo-Pacific.

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