SEAPOC 09-1 Group Photo

Senior Asia-Pacific Orientation Course Fellows pose for a group photo at the Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies Feb. 10.

Eleven Fellows graduated from the Senior Executive Asia-Pacific Orientation Course (SEAPOC) 09-1 at the Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies Feb. 12. This second-ever SEAPOC provided an overview of the Asia-Pacific region to senior military officers with respect for greater demands on their time and existing basis of knowledge.

The first SEAPOC (08-1) also had 11 graduates and was held last October.

This course directly supports the U.S. Pacific Command by providing its staff and supporting components an compressed and comprehensive educational environment.

The Senior Executive Asia-Pacific Orientation Course (SEAPOC) builds upon existing Asia-Pacific experiences regarding trends and current issues shaping the Asia-Pacific security environment for senior military officers.

According to one graduating Fellow, each participant took away a unique new perspective on Asia-Pacific security challenges. “Most surprising to me was the importance of the Maritime Security session.  It’s easy to think of the oceans as the medium of separation and not worth much attention.  The session made the true point that in today’s globalized world, the oceans are a medium of connection that that it must be protected and managed as we do with land.”

 SEAPOC 09-1 was a highly-intensive course with a mix of electives that focused on specific issues as needed by senior officers.