Photo of Dr. Lori Forman being congratulated.

APCSS Director Air Force Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Dan Leaf congratulates Dr. Lori Forman with a new door sign, depicting her new title after receiving news that she earned her Ph.D. Jan. 20.

Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies professor Lori Forman officially earned her Ph.D. in Public Policy and was recognized by staff and faculty at the Center today.

A significant milestone, Forman’s achievement is particularly noteworthy because her dissertation was submitted in Japanese and approved by the prestigious Faculty of Law, Keio University, in Japan. Prior to her arrival at APCSS in the summer of 2011, Dr. Forman had been pursuing her Ph.D. and received a telephone call at 1 a.m. this morning advising her that her dissertation had been approved. 

Dr. Forman’s area of expertise as a professor at APCSS is Development Assistance, Public-Private Partnerships, Civil Society and Labor Mobility.

Before coming to APCSS, Dr. Forman was the first Vice President for Corporate Responsibility for a Dubai Holding company, Tatweer, based in Dubai. Before moving to Dubai, she worked for five years with Microsoft as the Regional Director of Community Affairs for Asia.  Based in Singapore, she oversaw the regional management of Microsoft’s competitive grants programs, disaster assistance, and software donations throughout Asia-Pacific. An important part of her work was the identification and development of partnerships with regional and international organizations.

Dr. Forman is a recognized leader in international financing and development assistance strategies. She is known for developing innovative public-private partnership solutions, especially in emerging markets, based on experience gained in corporate, government and non-profit sector leadership positions.

Dr. Forman is now one of 13 APCSS faculty members with a Ph.D.

To learn more about Dr. Forman, see her biography.