The Asia-Pacific Collaborative Security Consortium portal recently received a complete overhaul in structure and functionality.  The portal in its new and improved form is now operational at  As the site continues to improve, its immediate goal is to provide a functional, community-enhancing virtual environment to energize the collaborative potential of the consortium.

APCSC is as much about people as it is about information technology.  The consortium is comprised of security professionals, both military and civilian, policy-makers, academics, and others from non-governmental and international organizations who have an interest in creating the conditions for enhanced regional security and response to the humanitarian imperative.  The APCSC portal is an on-line interactive collaborative resource that exists to bring these groups of people together so that they can share ideas and information on transnational comprehensive security and stability related topics, executive education, disaster management, as well as research and discussion in all of the above.  The ultimate intent is that we will all be better prepared to respond to or mitigate strategic shocks, natural or man-made disasters, and humanitarian crises within the Asia-Pacific region.

Site content will be, for the most part, user generated, so robust use of the portal by consortium members is highly encouraged.  For those wishing to share information of interest to fellow community members or others, to use available analytical tools, or just reach out and ask a question, this is the resource to do so. The portal has on-line collaboration tools such as blog, threaded discussions, document sharing and resource links.  Adobe Connect, which provides video over IP, real-time chat, white board, and survey/polling functions, is also available.

The portal will remain under constant iterative development, so feedback on ways to improve its functionality is certainly appreciated. For registration instructions or for more information please contact us by e-mail at or by phone at (808) 971-8973 or 4077.”