Alumni Association representatives returned to APCSS to discuss how their organizations can help improve connectivity with APCSS and each other in support of regional security cooperation.

A workshop for designated representative of each of the 37 APCSS alumni associations was held July 1-3.  There were three primary objectives of the workshop:  one, to improve connectivity between alumni and with APCSS; two, to develop an outline for each individual country’s alumni association initiatives and challenges; and three, to build alumni network and association capacity, specifically outlining the role of alumni associations in advancing regional security cooperation.

Discussions revolved around top regional security issues and how APCSS is addressing these challenges; active associations’ presentations on best practices; planning association initiatives within individual countries and planning sub-regional and regional events to advance security cooperation.

“The alumni conference was a two-way contributory exercise which will ultimately yield the result of professional development of each alumni association in various parts of the world,” said Tahir Hanfi, ndc, Secretary of the APCSS Alumni Association in Pakistan (AAAP). 

“The frank and bold exchange of views generated a challenging atmosphere and at the end of the each work day, we all came up with a serious problem and also hints for its practical solution. 

“The bottom line is ‘alumni Conference proves part of solution,” said Hanfi.

The workshop also included training for alumni association representatives on the new APCSSLink portal.  As part of the training, representatives created groups for members of their individual associations, posted plans for future events, and learned how to use the system to continue to connect with other alumni throughout the region.





Other comments from workshop participants:

 “It was wonderfully, carefully, and neatly programmed workshop. The natural and internal force of the workshop could successfully take out the inputs from key persons of Alumni Associations.  It indicates that a good and useful trend has started.”

— Colonel Zrm Ashraf Uddin (Bangladesh)

 “The entire trip was really an educative one in that not only were we exposed to setting up an Alumnus Association but how to keep our Alumnus of our College attracted both for advancing our relevance as an institution but enabling both our alumnus and our institution to grow professionally.

 “The use of IT to stay connected was the highlight and we learned how to set up and gather momentum as a professional body for our alumnus and LET THEM SPEAK FOR US too what they say others receive and perceive us.”

Dr. Mani Singh Mamik (India)

  “Going back to Hawaii, to the center (APCSS) is like going home.  I was able to reconnect with others and especially 5 other class mates from 04-1 EC, which I considered a rare opportunity.  The workshop was largely informative, interactive and professional.  Lot learned and much more to develop through the Alumni Association in Sri Lanka.  This is a good opportunity to learn and practice connectivity and networking through personal and electronic media.”

Ms. Dayani Sumithra Panagoda (Sri Lanka)

  “[APCSS is] a place with great people who have plenty of passion to impact valuable knowledge.  Place to be to learn things in a conducive environment.  [We] Learned the art and science of how to start an APCSS Alumni Organization.”

Captain Subramaniam Raman (Malaysia)

 “It’s always a pleasure to come back to APCSS to keep up with friendship and camaraderie with the faculty and the Director’s staff.  This time, it’s all the more meaningful and rewarding for me to bring up to date the knowledge and wisdom we got from here and to share it with the alumni from across the region.

“For APCSS, it’s an opportunity to add value to after-sales service to further satisfy the client, and for us alumni, it’s a great occasion for refreshing our memory and marketing APCSS more effectively back at home as well as building up a wider network with the alumni throughout the region. …

“We are only a click away!”

Ambassador Jaebum Kim (Republic of Korea)


 “I believe I learned a lot from the discussion and interaction among participants on wide range of security issues… I am now ready to establish Solomon Islands Alumni Association.” 

Chief Superintendent Edward Tokuru (Solomon Islands)

 “[The workshop was] to prepare Thai APCSS Alumni to maintain and enhance their knowledge after completing their course from APCSS.  [And] To prepare our organization to deal with globalized APCSS’s network in Asia-Pacific region.”

Colonel Salawin Uttarak (Thailand)