Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies faculty member, Dr. Steven Kim, was promoted from assistant professor to associate professor of Security Studies in June.

Dr. Kim is an expert on Korean peninsular issues including United States-South Korean relations, inter-Korean relations, South Korean politics and culture, and Northeast Asian security. His interests also include post-9/11 U.S. foreign policy and the security dynamics in East Asia, as well as broader socio-politico-economic developments such as democratization and good governance, economic integration, and political and security cooperation in East Asia.

His publications include: Divided Korean Public Opinion: Progressives and Conservatives; Resolving the North Korean Nuclear Problem: Status Quo vs. Transformative Approach; ROK’s Nuclear Experiments: A Successful Case of Alliance Management; A Cultural Analysis of Democracy and Its Implications for Korean Democratization; Deuniversalizing Human Rights; Democracy and Asian Values; and The Korean Political Culture in Conflict: Hierarchy vs. Individualism.