Reeves-book-EastAsiaNon-Traditional Security in East Asia: A Regime Approach” is a new book edited by Dr. Jeffrey Reeves with Dr. Ramon Pacheco Pardo of King’s College, London.


In a changing security environment shaken by the United States’ pivot to Asia, China’s rise, growing economic interdependence, new institutional frameworks, and long-standing tensions, regional security dynamics within East Asia have changed profoundly. Non-Traditional Security in East Asia assesses how and why these and other developments have affected East Asian security regimes in the early 21st Century. This volume brings together experts in different areas of traditional and non-traditional security — ranging from arms and weapons proliferation to climate change and biosecurity — to analyze the recent evolution, current state and possible future of East Asian security dynamics which have been built on dynamics dating back to the Cold War. This volume’s holistic exploration of East Asian security makes it a sophisticated introduction for students, researchers and policymakers who are interested in East Asian security and international relations.

Reeves wrote a chapter within the book on “Transnational Organised Crime in Asia: Norms, Principles and Regimes.”

In his chapter, Reeves discusses how “ The region’s prevailing norms and principles changed from viewing security in entirely traditional terms to considering security from a horizontal perspective encapsulating issues such as terrorism, economic security and transnational organised crime. A number of regimes developed in response to these shifting norms and values, some building on existing norms, such as the need for greater regionalism, and regimes such as the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), while some emerged from scratch.”

The book also includes a chapter by APCSS’ Dr. Jim Campbell entitled “The Challenge of Biosecurity in East Asia: A Case of Proportional Ethics, or Non-Transferability of an International Regime?”

Non-Traditional Security in East Asia: A Regime Approach” is published by Imperial College Press.  For more information go to:



About the Authors

Ramon Pacheco Pardo is a Lecturer in the Department of European Studies at King’s College London, and an Associate at the King’s China Institute. After completing an MA (Distinction) in International Relations at the University of New South Wales, he obtained a PhD in International Relations at the London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE). Dr Pacheco Pardo has taught at LSE, Queen Mary, University of London, and Oxford Brookes University. He is currently a member of the Asian Security and Warfare Group at KCL, as well as a Research Fellow at the Global Studies Institute in Hong Kong.

Jeffrey Reeves is an Associate Professor with the Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies, Hawaii. His main areas of research, teaching, and outreach are Northeast Asian security issues, Chinese politics, political economics, transnational crime and terrorism in Asia, and Mongolia. Dr Reeves received his doctorate in International Relations from the London School of Economics and Political Science in 2010 and was a visiting doctoral student to Columbia University’s Weatherhead East Asian institute in 2009. He has published widely on security issues in Asia in peer-review journals such as Asian Survey, Pacific Review, Contemporary South Asia, and The Asian Journal of Political Science.

The views expressed in this book are the authors’ and not necessarily the views of APCSS, U.S. Pacific Command or the U.S. Government.