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This year’s first mobile Asia-Pacific Orientation Course (MAPOC 14-1) was held at Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) June 16 – 22 upon the request of 593rd Expeditionary Sustainment Command (ESC) stationed at JBLM. The intensive one-week course included 12 lectures, two panel discussions on the territorial disputes and regional security architecture, 14 elective options, and daily seminar discussions. The 101 participants consisted of interagency, joint, civilian and international components.

Course Manager Dr. Virginia Watson led the APCSS 10-person academic team that included USARPAC Foreign Policy Adviser Ms. Lisa Carle. COL Greg Winston, College of Security Studies Academic Chief of Staff, was the APCSS Center Lead.

The Mayor of Olympia (Washington) served as the Distinguished Civilian Speaker and delivered the closing keynote speech. His 45-minute address was tailored to the APOC “Comprehensive Engagement” theme and was very well-received by the audience and 593rd leadership. His key points on security, climate, inclusion, disaster response, and relationship-building demonstrated the links between the municipal and the regional sectors.

olympia mayor

Mil/Civ Ldrs complete @APCSS #APOC on #USPacificPolicy 1st #APOC @ #JBLM hosted by 593d ESC. @I_Corps @PacificCommand The next Mobile APOC course will be held November 17-21 in the Washington, DC area.