This week the Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies unveiled a new strategic policy statement in support of the National Action Plan on Women, Peace, and Security (WPS). The strategy outlines APCSS’ commitment to fostering an inclusive security sector through engagement and executive education of security practitioners in the Asia-Pacific Region.


During ASC14-1 three Fellows completed special projects related to Women, Peace and security. Pictured with WPS project leads Lt. Cmdr. Dara Kollasch and Dr. Lori Forman are Deputy Police Chief Jean Salvador (Philippines), Lt Colonel MD Masum (Bangladesh), and Ms. Sri Rumiati (Indonesian National Police)

According to Navy Lt. Cmdr. Daravanh Kollasch, APCSS’ WPS program manager, “our goal is to promote, through awareness and advocacy, women’s participation in the security sector in all efforts related to building a sustainable and lasting peace. These efforts include conflict prevention, conflict management and resolution, as well as post-conflict relief and recovery.”

The new WPS strategy clearly states how the program goals and objectives will be implemented within the overall APCSS program of executive education courses and workshops. These goals include ensuring WPS elements are incorporated into the curriculum, promoting and maintaining a WPS community of interest, reaching a goal of 20 percent female participation in all APCSS resident courses.

See the attached PDF for more details.

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