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Bridging Knowledge and Practice in Global Security. This captivating webinar series features insightful discussions with distinguished individuals on comprehensive security issues affecting the Indo-Pacific region and beyond. This series delves into the complexities of global security, exploring various facets that shape the current geopolitical landscape.

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In a rapidly changing Indo-Pacific, understanding the Philippines’ strategic decisions is critical for policymakers, military leaders, and anyone invested in regional stability. The Philippines, a crucial player, faces a dynamic security landscape shaped by historical alliances and modern partnerships like the recent trilateral summit. As the nation navigates complex regional shifts, including China’s assertiveness, it leans on partners like Japan. Today, we explore how the Philippines strengthens its security framework while confronting these pressing challenges in SNW Episode 15, “The Philippines Builds Security, Faces Challenges,” featuring Professor Virginia Bacay Watson and Professor James Minnich.

Key Questions:

  • How has history shaped US-Philippines security ties in the Indo-Pacific today?
  • What does the recent trilateral summit mean for the Philippines’ strategic future?
  • Is the Philippines’ partnership with Japan changing the regional security landscape?
  • How can the Philippines defend its sovereignty against mounting challenges?

May 20, 2024, 03:00 PM in Hawaii
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The war in Ukraine has not only altered the European security landscape but has also triggered significant shifts in global power dynamics. These changes are rippling across regions and affecting international relations far beyond Europe. The implications are profound and multifaceted for the Indo-Pacific, a region already marked by strategic competition. In this episode, our distinguished guest, Professor Rouben Azizian, and host, Professor James Minnich, will discuss how the Ukraine war is reshaping global and regional orders.

Key Topics:

  • State of the Ukraine War: Strategic shifts and defense strategies.
  • Global Power Shifts: Impact on the balance between the West, Russia, and China.
  • European Alliances: Evolution of NATO and EU security approaches.
  • Indo-Pacific Security: Lessons and implications for regional powers.
  • Regional Alliances: Reshaping the Quad, AUKUS, and other partnerships. 6. Hybrid Warfare: Cybersecurity strategies against emerging threats.
  • New Security Architecture: Reimagining global security structures.

May 28, 2024, 03:00 PM in Hawaii
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