Human Security CoverDr. James Campbell published a chapter entitled, “Human Health Threats and Implications for Regional Security in Southeast Asia,” in the book, Human Security: Securing East Asia’s Future (B.T.C. Guan, editor), Springer, New York, 2012.

According to Campbell, this chapter discusses local and transnational public health challenges that threaten regional health security. 

“Infectious diseases, natural and man-made disasters and environmental change negatively impact human populations worldwide, but they are especially challenging for vulnerable populations in many of the developing nations of Southeast Asia,” said Campbell. “These health security issues represent non-traditional regional and global security challenges.”

Through a series of case studies, the chapter highlights the requirement for multilateral collaboration and cross-sectoral interagency cooperation, to achieve sustainable health security.  Best practices discussed include government cooperation and transparency, and engaging local expertise in health security planning.


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