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Dr. Justin Nankivell

Dr. Justin D. Nankivell assumed the position of the Associate Dean for Academics at the DKI APCSS in August 2015.  In this position, Dr. Nankivell is responsible for overseeing the academic curricula that make up APCSS in-residence courses and executive education programming, including course and workshop execution, faculty coordination and program assessment. He joined the College of Security Studies in 2008, where he served as an Associate Professor. His subject matter expertise is International Law; Law of the Sea; South China Sea; the Arctic; Security Sector Development; and International Organization.

At APCSS, Dr Nankivell has been a faculty lead in the Center’s Security Sector Development program, designing, leading and facilitating key engagements around the region. SSD relates to the roles and responsibilities distributed across state security institutions, domestic governance and judicial branches, and the broader sectors of civil and international society. In this area, Dr. Nankivell works primarily in Southeast and South Asia.

As a subject matter expert, Dr. Nankivell’s teaching and research evaluates how the Law of the Sea functions in the global maritime commons. In particular, his work considers how ongoing legal disputes in the South China Sea and Arctic regions are structuring key future trajectories for legal practice. The South China Sea and the Arctic illustrate how international law functions with the foreign policies of states and how international law is used strategically in the international system to further the objectives of key actors and stakeholders.

Dr. Nankivell holds a Ph.D. in political science from the University of British Columbia, and a Masters of Public International Law from the University of Nottingham (UK). Prior to joining APCSS, he previously taught at the University of Victoria, University of Vancouver Island and the Royal Military College of Canada.

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