The DKI APCSS team posing for a group photo.

The DKI APCSS team poses for a group photo.

Eight Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies employees were recognized for Excellence in Federal Government service at the 2016 Honolulu-Pacific Federal Executive Board (FEB) Awards ceremony at the Hickam Officers Club, JBPHH last Friday.

The “Team Excellence” honors went to the DKI APCSS Travel Division, which is led by Cliff Johnson. The Travel Division processes more than 750 travel packages a year, for Fellows, staff, faculty and workshops, both in-house and in the region. They also manage passports, process visas and coordinate country clearances. Ms. Raelyn Brett accepted the award on behalf of the Travel Division.

“Federal Supervisor or the Year” went to DKI APCSS Public Affairs Chief Ms. Mary Markovinovic. Ms. Markovinovic leads a team of four in the production of the semi-annual publication “Currents,” a monthly newsletter and manages all web products for the center including the public website, Fellow’s portal and social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkIn and Google+. She also established accounts with the social media sites. and still finds time to teach a crisis communication elective course, provide media training, maintain DKI APCSS Fact sheets and coordinate media events and activities for the Center.

DKI APCSS Information Awareness Manager earned the “Federal Employee of the Year – Professional, Administrative, and Technical” category. Mr. Conde has the crucial role at the Center of maintaining information security of the networks and computer systems and he has performed flawlessly in his duties.

The DKI APCSS Regional Engagement Operations (REO) department administrative assistant Ms. Liz Leong eared the “Federal Employee of the Year – Clerical and Assistant.” Ms. Leong works tirelessly behind the scenes in one of the more fast-paced departments here at the Center. REO plans, coordinates and executes approximately a dozen workshops throughout the year both in-house and in the Asia-Pacific region. The REO department is in a never-ending cycle of preparation and execution of these workshops, which requires a great deal of research and coordination, from funding to participant selection, to scouting locations, and all the “little things and unknowns” that inevitably occur.

Last but certainly not least, the “Mentor of the Year” award went to DKI APCSS Information Services Department Chief Mr. Brad Ong. Mr. Ong leads a team of 14 employees and contractors and oversee all aspects of the Center information systems and services.

DKI APCSS Director Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Dan Leaf was one of six flag officers and a Director to accept the invitation to present the awards at the ceremony and handed out awards for the Exceptional Community Service category. At the conclusion of the ceremony, he told all DKI APCSS employees how proud he was of their efforts, and that their performance “speaks for itself.”

A.Team Excellence: Travel Division
1. Mr. Clifton Johnson
2. Ms. Raelyn Brett
3. Ms. Lily Ordonez
4. SSgt Gilberto Saldierna, Jr., USAF

B. Federal Supervisor of the Year: Ms. Mary Markovinovic (PAO)

C. Federal Employee of the Year – Professional, Administrative, and Technical: Mr. Christopher Conde (ISD).

D. Federal Employee of the Year – Clerical and Assistant: Ms. Elizabeth Leong (REO Department)

E. Mentor of the Year: Mr. Frank Ong (ISD)