Jeffrey Reeves, Ph.D. photo

Jeffrey Reeves, Ph.D.

“Economic Statecraft, Structural Power, and Structural Violence in Sino-Kyrgyz Relations” is a new article by Dr. Jeffrey Reeves published by Asian Security.

According to the publication abstract: “this article employs the concepts of structural power and structural violence to undertake a critical study of China’s use of economic statecraft toward Kyrgyzstan. The article argues that China’s reliance on economic exchange to secure its strategic ends in Kyrgyzstan has resulted in asymmetric economic exchange between the two states. Through this asymmetric exchange, China has gained influence over Kyrgyzstan’s domestic structures. Chinese structural power, in turn, contributes to violence across Kyrgyzstan’s structures of economy, environment, and society and within the country’s state-society relations. Structural violence within Kyrgyzstan also results in periphery instability and domestic insecurity for China. As such, the article argues that China’s use of economic statecraft to achieve its strategic aims in Kyrgyzstan is self-defeating.”

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