The second Asia-Pacific Orientation Course was held from March 13-15, 2007 with 52 Fellows from the Pacific Command/component staff, and other key Asia-Pacific focused organizations in attendance.

This course provided an introduction to Asia-Pacific security, politics, protocols and challenges, while addressing U.S. interests in the region. The curriculum broadly examined: Security Foundations, Regional Security Perspectives, Country Specific Issues, Transnational, Governance, Development, & Security Cooperation Issues. Attention was given to both historical and emerging issues.

According to some recent graduates: “This course gave me a better understanding of the Asia-Pacific Region and I will have a much better grasp of intelligence briefings, cause and effect, impacts and issues that make a difference to the region and the nations within it;” “I think it made me a better officer;” “Absolutely, positively worth the time;” “I would and will recommend it to my leadership, and my peers.”

The next course, that will be a new one-week version, is being offered 23-27 July, 2007.