Dr. Sam Mullins recently had an article on “Jihadist Infiltration of Migrant Flows into Europe (link is external)” published by the European Eye on Radicalization webiste. The paper was written while he was still at the Marshall Center but we thought we’d share it as well!

According to Mullins: “Within Europe, police and intelligence services are working more closely with migration agencies, as both parties now realize the importance of cooperation. In some places, counter-terrorism officials have also reached out to local reception centers and homes for asylum-seekers (many of which are run by non-governmental enterprises) in order to provide them with basic training, covering cultural awareness, potentially suspicious behavior worth reporting, and information about known extremists who are active in the area. Importantly, this kind of outreach helps to build trust and provides frontline migration workers with useful points of contact in case they have concerns.”

Read the full article at this link: https://eeradicalization.com/jihadist-infiltration-of-migrant-flows-to-europe-taking-stock-of-recent-events/ (link is external)

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