Hawaii Lieutenant Governor Brian Schatz addresses the 93 Fellows of the Advanced Cooperation Course being conducted at the Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies in Fort DeRussy.   Schatz spoke on organizational practices utilized  during the 2011 November APEC Summit held in Hawaii, and then along with faculty member, Dr. Lori Forman and APCSS director Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Daniel Leaf, entertained questions from the class.


Hawaii’s Lt. Governor Brian Schatz was a guest speaker today at the Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies on a panel called “Organizing for Cooperation.”

Speaking before Fellows of the Advanced Security Cooperation Course (12-2), he discussed how Hawaii organized to support in last year’s APEC conference.

Also, serving on the panel were APCSS Director Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Dan Leaf who discussed military cooperation in combined operations and Dr. Lori Forman who discussed organizational cooperation by Non-Government Organizations and non-profits.

As a panel they discussed the concepts of leadership without authority, the styles of leadership, and the importance of clear goals to facilitate success for specific events and projects.





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