From October 6-9, APCSS and the Canadian Navy, as hosted by the Naval League of Canada, will conduct the 2014 Maritime Security Challenges – Pacific Seapower Conference in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. The event brings together over 170 delegates from 26 countries to discuss current topics such as the Maritime Rebalance to the Asia-Pacific Region, Indian Ocean maritime dynamics, South China Sea and dispute settlement, economic and procurement developments, and the role of maritime norms and laws in setting frameworks for codified sea-based activity.

The conference will be opened by Vice Admiral Mark Norman, Chief of the Naval Staff and Commander Royal Canadian Navy, and features a keynote address by Admiral Scott Swift, Commander U.S. Pacific Fleet.Maritime Workshop graphic

The aim of the conference is to uncover through a variety of regional perspectives areas in which commonality exists in securing a rule based order for the global commons.

APCSS will be featuring several alumni at the event to include: Rear Admiral Gojiro Watanabe, Director General of Operations & Plans in the Maritime Staff Office in Japan’s Ministry of Defense; Commodore (Ret.) Lee Cordner, Strategic Analyst, Australia; and, Dr. Nong Hong, Research Fellow with China Institute, University of Alberta, and the National Institute for South China Sea Studies, Peoples Republic of China.

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