The ASAN Forum has published Dr. Jeffery Reeve’s latest article titled “Mongolia’s Place in China’s Periphery Diplomacy.”

Reeves discusses how China has reprioritized the country’s foreign policy from a focus on relations with great powers to relations with peripheral countries under the One Belt, One Road (OBOR) strategy.  This strategy has a huge impact on peripheral nations including Mongolia.

This change has both benefits and risks, states Reeves: “For the small, underdeveloped states on China’s borders, the new approach to periphery relations has the potential to fundamentally transform their domestic situations.”

According to Reeves, “China seeks to use OBOR to establish more robust policy, facilities, trade, financial, and social ties with its peripheral partners that ensure greater connectivity, greater interdependence, and a shared “destiny” with neighboring states.

While a single case study in China’s larger portfolio of peripheral relations, the Sino-Mongolia case provides insight into the challenges inherent in China’s focus on periphery diplomacy and outreach using this new strategy.

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