Is the Pacific Triad (Australia, New Zealand and France) undermining US influence in the Pacific?

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By Francis Hualupmomi, Ph.D. Public Servant -- Papua New Guinea* There is an immediate concern that the Pacific region will face a major challenge in managing geopolitical dynamics as Micronesia withdraws from the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF). The Pacific region was stable before and after the end of World War II, but recent events relating to the PIF suggest that all is not well. The Micronesian group of island countries (Marshall Islands, Kiribati, Nauru, and the Federated States of Micronesia) has withdrawn from PIF after its candidate failed to win the position of Secretary-General. The position of Secretary-General of PIF [...]

Strategic Crisis Leadership In COVID-19

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When unimaginable crises, such as COVID-19, become a reality, leaders initially struggle to understand cause and consequence in an information-poor environment, which makes for a challenging decision-making domain. Crises require adept public leadership and communication to ensure that political consequences are acceptable. A well-managed crisis not only limits the impact of a crisis, it restores public trust in government. Several crisis scholars propose that crisis leaders in particular, must master six key capabilities to be effective. View/Download Document

The Battle of Sense-making and Meaning-Making During the COVID-19 Crisis

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China’s purposeful obfuscation of the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan has been well established. The first case with COVID-19 symptoms was reported, not on Dec 8 2019 as China reported to the World Health Organization, but on Nov 17, 2019 as revealed in unpublished Chinese government data.1 China’s reactive lock-down approach suppressed the release of vital information that could have been used to limit the outbreak. As the virus continued to spread, China thought only of its own safety and allowed infectious people to travel throughout the world and created a pandemic. View/Download Document

An Analysis of Australian Defense Policy from 1901 to Present

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Scholars generally consider there to be three main eras in Australian Defense Policy: The Imperial Defense era (1901-1945), Forward Defense era (1950-1975) and Defense of Australia era (1975-1997). These eras are informed by world events, leaders and outside powers that influence defense policy on the continent. This analytical analysis examines each major conceptual approach and themes defining defense policy throughout Australia’s history. Additionally, it assesses how these themes inform and guide Australia’s contemporary policy. Finally, the analysis provides recommended insights on ways Australia can maintain relevance as a competent middle-power within the Indo-Pacific. View/Download Document

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